"There are moments when, even to the sober eye of Reason, the world of our sad humanity must assume the aspect of Hell"


Life hack: conquer your fear of the dark by becoming the thing other people fear in the dark.

I’m looking for a ditto safari! c:
2621-3890-0239 please ! uwu


Give em blood blood, gallons of the stuff & it will never be enough … (Taken with instagram)


"I like your hairs."

Myself + sansamargeries
Photography doctorwhoxmangafan2

Clone Club at Comic Con!

clumsycapitolunicorn @sansamargaeries
I had such a great time, thank you so much sestras.

Photography by doctorwhoxmangafan2


CLONE CLUB SESTRAS! Met the lovely carapher today, and I’m glad, as we got lots of attention when we found each other. People took pics with us :3! Thanks for the hug sestra! Also, this lovely Cosima came up to me moments later! CLONE CLUBBERS UNITED! I loved it. Best first con EVER!

It was lovely to meet you too sestra ^.^ Glad you enjoyed your first con! :D


Pierce The Veil - Caraphernelia [video credit]